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Digital Blitz is built to be a Fast and Fun Wargaming Experience! 🙂

Get it here and now from the Windows Store, playable on Windows 10: .

Digital Blitz is enhanced now with the ability to optionally use NATO style unit symbols, as seen below. The below screenshots are from the “Utah Beach German Counterattack, What If” scenario.

NATO style units, including Infantry, Armor, Mechanized infantry and Paratroopers
Ste Mere Eglise Close Up with NATO style units, from “Utah Beach German Counterattack, What If?” scenario

Below is a demo video of you “Battle Of The Bulge” scenario in action:

Below is a video showing you how to use one of our coupons to unlock game content and save money:

Below is a screenshot of one of the intro scenarios:

Below is a video showing you how to Install Digital Blitz:

Below is a video showing you how to play and win a quick demo scenario in Digital Blitz: