Digital Hex Blitz – V 1.2.17 Update – Utah – American Turn 1 Video

The first turn of the “Utah Beach: German Counterattack, What If?” scenario is available to play for FREE. The latest release enhancements include: Terrain Effects Combat Modifiers, Airstrikes, along with a bunch of usability improvements.

Here’s a link to Digital Hex Blitz:

Here’s a link to our video of the American turn 1 player turn in action:

Before that was the German player turn, which here’s a web page with a video showing that turn:

The latest version of Digital Hex Blitz features an extra unit to help the American fight off a near overwhelming armored attack – P47s. The American player gets P-47 ground attack missions on call to help out any of their attacks. They pack an 18 Combat Factor thump. One catch though, there’s an 81% chance the air mission will come through. Nothing’s guaranteed, especially in wargames, right?!!!

Below are some screenshots of the American Turn 1, as seen in the video above:

The “Utah Beach: German Counterattack, What If?” scenario is on sale now for $2.99, until 1 AM US Eastern time Monday, October 4th. Get it now before price jumps up $1 to $3.99. Why waste a dollar? Get it now! So be sure and catch the “Utah Beach: German Counterattack, What If?” scenario while it is still on sale now for $2.99. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Install the game and to the left of the scenario listing there is a buy button that lets you process your purchase securely through the Microsoft Store payment gateway.

Happy Playing! 🙂

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