Twitch Episode 5

Digital Blitz Twitch Episode 5:

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This Twitch episode covers the Utah Beach German Counterattack turn 3 using Digital Hex Blitz version 1.3.11. In this played turn the Germans moved up a good bit and ate up a bunch of American player units. Also in the attacks the Germans advanced and took over a couple of victory point locations. Meanwhile the American player counterattacked and drew some damage on the German units as well. The Americans had no P-47 close air support missions this turn so they were greatly hindered in their opportunities for counterattacking the German player units this turn. Next turn and for the rest of the game they get P-47 close air support missions so they’ll be back counterattacking with all the more vengeance starting next turn, most likely. In the meantime though a group of American Sherman tank units ganged up and did some fatal damage to a German mechanized infantry unit. For all their effort, though, the Americans did not retake any of the victory point locations they lost this turn.

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